USCAR Lighting Develops Improved Test Requirements for LEDs


Southfield-based USCAR Lighting Group — whose members include Chrysler Group, Ford Motor Co., and General Motors — announced Tuesday the development of test requirements and practices to aid in the transition of traditional automotive lights from bulbs to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs.

Previous tests for LEDs did not adequately comprehend automotive requirements, USCAR officials said in a statement. In contrast, these new tests allow for direct comparisons of LED performance between different manufacturers, enabling automakers to make educated decisions when working with an LED supplier.

“LEDs are all-around great options for automotive applications,” Michael Larsen, chairperson and GM representative to the organization, said. “They require less power, have a faster on-time, are more reliable, and last for the life of a vehicle.”

Officials say many companies have already started to adopt these new specifications, which are available to automakers and suppliers through SAE International in Troy.

USCAR Group is a collaborative research and development company that works to improve technology for the domestic auto industry.