University of Michigan Medical Center Installs Healing Portals


The University of Michigan Cancer Center (UMCC) in Ann Arbor has installed Florida-based RAD Technology Systems’ Healing Portals to its radiation vault doors.

The artwork makes the radiotherapy treatment room doors more aesthetically interesting, and provide a distraction for patients.

“The RAD PRO Vault and clinic has been a wonderful addition to our facility,” says Kathy Lash, director of operations at the University of Michigan for radiation oncology. “Working with RAD on the facility was one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever been involved with. I’m really looking forward to hearing the patients’ feedback.”

UMCC first worked with RAD in 2013 when they installed a RAD PRO vault and clinic next to their existing facility to treat patients while upgrading the equipment at their existing vaults.

The first Healing Portals were installed at the University of California San Diego. Healing Portals are not only available to cancer centers with a RAD PRO vault, but also to any cancer center looking to transform their vault doors.

RAD Technology Medical Systems is a design-build construction company that provides molecular building systems for the healthcare industry. Their turn-key solutions are factory fabricated to eliminate the need for on-site construction and the graphics can be temporary, interim, or permanent.

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