U-M Medical School in Partnership to Develop Breast Cancer Detection Technology


The University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor has established a research collaboration with Manhattan Scientifics Inc., a global company that commercializes technologies in the nanomedicine industry, to develop a platform for the early detection of cancer and other diseases.

“… The team at the University of Michigan will add significant depth to our breast cancer program,” says Bob Proulx, president and COO of Senior Scientific LLC, a company that offers imaging and detection systems for cancer and is owned by Manhattan Scientifics. “The testing and data we obtain will be important as we prepare to bring the magnetic relaxometry technology (MRX) technology to the FDA for diagnostic use.”

Proulx says the goal of the collaboration is to demonstrate the applicability of the company’s MRX technology, which detects small groups of specific cells through changes in magnetism, for diagnosing breast cancers.

“A sensitive in vivo method for detecting molecular targets associated with specific cancer phenotypes could have tremendous value in cancer diagnosis and beyond,” says Brian Ross, professor of radiology and biological chemistry at the U-M Medical School and the lead researcher for the project.

Proulx says with U-M’s help, Senior Scientific could be the first in human testing of the technology. 

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