U-M Hospital Invests in New Imaging Technology for Brain Surgery


The University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor will begin using new neurosurgical imaging equipment that allows for smaller incisions and a faster recovery time for patients as part of its development of four new operating rooms. The equipment installation will be completed in July.

"Multi-modality imaging makes surgery safer and faster, and improves the ability of the surgical team to work together for the best outcome," says Dr. Karin Muraszko, chair of neurosurgery at U-M. "This type of technology can change our perspective to further refine and improve how we do surgery."

Muraszko says the new technology can be used to operate on brain tumors, aneurysms, vascular lesions, and skull-based issues. She says the scope and light source may also be used in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Muraszko says the long, automated arm of the new technology contains a scope and high-powered lighting that provides detailed vision to surgeons. The arm is linked to sensors built into the surgeon's tools that provides enhanced imaging of the tool's location in the brain, and lets doctors know if they are near critical anatomy within the patient's brain.

Muraszko says the U-M Department of Neurosurgery sees about 200 patients with brain tumors annually.

Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital began using the technology, designed by Toronto-based Synaptive Medical, last month. ​

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