U-M Business School Provides Easy Access to Faculty’s Research Via New Webpage


Business executives and professionals can stay on top of the latest research from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor thanks to a new section on the business school’s website.

“The insights coming out of this research are applicable to businesses and organizations around the world, and can help improve the way people work and do business,” says Wally Hopp, senior associate dean for faculty and research at the business school. “We believe it’s critical to make these quality resources accessible not just to our students, but also to the broader business world as well.”

Called Ross Thought in Action, the webpage serves as the central hub for all research generated by the Michigan Ross faculty, and features videos, research briefs, and articles on current events from leading business experts. The site provides practical insights aimed at improving productivity, enhancing workplace knowledge, and creating better places to work.

Visitors can filter content by topic or faculty member. Recent research highlights touch on how airlines can adjust pricing based on the habits of price-conscious shoppers and which employees are most impacted by noncompete clauses.

Hopp says the content, covering everything from positive business and leadership to sustainability and operations, makes complex ideas easy to understand and applicable in a real-world business setting.

To read Ross Thought in Action, click here.