Troy’s Waveform Technology Adds Bitcoin-Friendly Expansion to Data Center


tTroy-based Waveform Technology has upgraded its electrical infrastructure and allocated 40,000 square feet of floor space specifically for bitcoin mining equipment to keep up with the growing industry.

t“This upgrade leverages Waveform Technology’s 14 year experience providing data center colocation,” says Rich Tota, director of sales at Waveform Technology. “We believe hosting bitcoin servers is a natural extension to a business we have been proficient in for over a decade.”

tBitcoin miners are specially designed computer servers that “mine” bitcoins — a digital form of currency first created in 2009 — by solving complex mathematical problems.

tThe servers present an unprecedented challenge to both electrical and cooling subsystems within a data center facility. To meet that challenge, Waveform has added 1 megawatt of electrical infrastructure upgrades to support the growing segment.

tThe addition makes Waveform the largest bitcoin friendly data center operator in Michigan with immediate availability, Tota says.

t“We believe our track-record of technical expertise and reliability will provide a better alternative to many of the unproven data center startups entering this arena,” Tota says.

tThe company also oversees two data centers that provide colocation for tenants of all sizes as well as provides high-speed, fiber-based Internet connectivity to small and medium sized businesses throughout Michigan.