Troy’s MOTOR Information Systems Adds Data System for Tire Industry


Troy-based MOTOR Information Systems has launched MOTOR TireTech, a data delivering system for up-to-date OEM tire specifications for North American passenger cars, light duty trucks, and vans.

“The tire business has become increasingly more complicated,” says Peter Largen, executive vice president, operations, at MOTOR. “With the OEMs increasing tires’ size counts, specifying varying design attributes and embracing technology innovations such as run-flat tires, our customers’ tire data needs have skyrocketed.”

Largen says MOTOR TireTech offers more than 94,000 data points for model years 1982 to the present with an additional 21,000 data points dating as far back as 1942. The data points support more than 2,400 unique OEM tire size, load index, and speed rating combinations. He says the company is slated to add more new tire sizes as soon as new vehicles hit the market. Data updates are expected to be performed monthly.

“With its data breadth and accuracy, MOTOR TireTech is a modern solution for businesses looking to create new revenue streams from tire sales and service” says Jeff Nosek, executive vice president at MOTOR. “Also, having accurate data can reduce the risk of costly service mishaps.”

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