Troy’s ManagedWay Offers Server Capacity Completely Online


Troy-based ManagedWay, a provider of cloud services and managed hosting, has launched a virtual data center that offers businesses server capacity on a secure network, called Cloud Puddles.

“For all intents and purposes, Cloud Puddle offers all the benefits of owning your own hardware without the costs, maintenance, and fear of future obsolescence,” says Robert Sanders, president of ManagedWay. “Our Cloud Puddles are an ideal resource pool that allows for greater flexibility across a wide range of services.”  

Sanders says services can be purchased online in a variety of storage sizes, ranging from about one to 64 gigabytes. Businesses can move email and Web hosting, Internet services, applications, and storage to the network. The storage options range in cost from $5 to nearly $700 per month. ManagedWay also offers the option of a support program with 24/7 help from IT professionals.

ManagedWay has secure data storage facilities in Troy and Grand Rapids.

In April, ManagedWay announced a new Internet optimization system that Sanders says resulted in a 25 percent reduction in network latency, or how much time it takes to get a packet of data from one point to another.

In May, ManagedWay acquired Troy-based Waveform Technology LLC, which operates a data center and provides Internet services.