Troy Firm Creates App to Provide Snack Stations for Companies


Troy-based 365 Retail Markets, a creator of self-checkout technology, has expanded with the launch of a new product, Verii, an in-office snack station for smaller companies where employees use an app to purchase food items that have been specially selected for the company.

Joe Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets, says his company’s technology, which offers the opportunity to order food and beverage products online for larger companies has not been profitable for smaller companies — until now.

“(People) really like to walk up to a display, pick something off a shelf, and examine it and shop,” Hessling says. “Vending was usually the only option they had in these small locations, so we knew that people wanted this and they prefer it, they just really didn’t have the opportunity to have it in small locations because of the cost of entry so we removed all of the costs.”

Here is how it works: A company-designated administrator signs up with Verii and selects snacks or refreshments from an Amazon-style marketplace. The order then ships to a local vending company or a food services company and they package the products and deliver them to the office. Once at the office, the products are available for purchase by a mobile app for employees.

“It’s an app-powered snack station at your work,” Hessling says.

To kick-off the launch of the Verii technology in Metro Detroit, he says 365 Retail Markets is offering the service and equipment free of charge for the first 40 companies to order the service through