Troy Developer of Virtual, 3-D Glasses Receives Patent for Optical Design


Troy-based IMMY Inc., a developer of virtual and augmented reality glasses, has been granted a U.S. patent for its technology, which is similar to Google Glass, but uses a unique optical system that’s a direct retinal projection.

“IMMY has (created) a unique set of optic innovations and design alternatives that can deliver outstanding immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences,” says Doug Magyari, founder and CEO of IMMY.

Magyari says with IMMY’s lens-less imaging system, called Natural Eye Optics, the light rays travel only through air and never enter another medium, reducing eye strain. He says in other technologies, the light rays travel through refractive lenses, diffractive elements, waveguides, or holographic elements, often causing eyestrain and headaches.

Magyari says its Natural Eye Optics technology — in development for 10 years — enables a large field of vision, as much as 135 degrees, to deliver a natural viewing experience.

The glasses, which are connected to the cloud, could be used for such activities as repairing a car by offering step-by-step instructions with a text describing each procedure, or they could be used to enhance a video game.

Magyari says IMMY was also issued patents in Japan and Mexico. Additional patents have been issued for the device’s structural frame, the micro-display alignment, the non-pupil forming optical path, and the assembly mechanism. Other international patents are pending.