Troy Branding Agency Launches New Marketing Support for Startups


The partners behind the branding company Alchemy in Troy have created a new enterprise, called Tadpole. The company will focus on helping startups launch their brand effectively in metro Detroit.

“We understand the complexity of launching a new concept or brand into a market,” says Brent Eastman, co-founder of Alchemy and Tadpole, along with Tom Nixon. “Most of the funding and the focus goes into the product or company development, and we wanted to make it easy for a startup to also build an effective plan for the brand to launch.”

Eastman says the Tadpole program will accept up to four startups a year, and will work with them on a deferred-compensation basis so that the startup has minimal expenditures for the first year of the partnership.

“We hope to provide guidance and support along the early stages to help new brands grow legs and become successful out of the gate,” Eastman says.

The company will provide startups with analysis and consultation, market research and proof-of-concept, brand strategy, and a marketing plan. Tadpole also will act as marketing consultants to provide clients with the resources they need for success once the program has ended.