Troy-based Plex Systems Brings Cloud Analytics to Manufacturers


Troy-based Plex Systems, a manufacturing automation company, today announced the IntelliPlex Production Analytic Application, which taps data from the Industrial Internet of Things for more efficient and effective manufacturing operations. The application provides manufacturing leaders with company-wide insight into the performance of production operations, including processes and equipment on the shop floor.

“At Plex, we know that the best manufacturing organizations are built on the shop floor and that operational excellence is the foundation of product quality, company growth, and profitability,” says Karl Ederle, group vice president of products for Plex. “The IntelliPlex Production Analytic Application is unique because it provides an enterprise-wide view of manufacturing performance, combined with the ability to tap into the IIoT signals from equipment on a specific production line. Plex now offers customers analysis of their organization that truly spans from shop floor equipment to the financial bottom line.”

The new offering adds to Plex’s IntelliPlex Analytic Application Suite, which includes programs to track sales, and streamline management, finance, and procurement activities. The suite, with the addition of production analytics, delivers comprehensive cloud analytics and provides visibility to the shop floor, connecting suppliers, customers, people, equipment, materials, and finances across multiple facilities. Plex uses real-time IIoT connections as a core mechanism for managing manufacturing operations and enterprise resource planning.

Specifically, the new product provides managers key performance measures, including overall equipment effectiveness, scrap rates, first pass yield, inventory turns, on-time jobs, and machine availability. IntelliPlex is configurable so users can create custom performance dashboards and combine metrics to form their own analysis based on data stored in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. IntelliPlex analytics are also drillable, enabling users to instantly go from top-line performance analysis directly into data and details across locations.

Plex currently delivers ERP and manufacturing automation to more than 550 companies across process and discrete industries, helping them understand their business’ ecosystems and reduce IT costs.

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