Troy-based Autonomous Vehicle Innovator Aptiv Opens Tech Center in Las Vegas


Autonomous vehicle innovator Aptiv, which operates a large technical center in Troy, has opened a 130,000-square-foot technical center in Las Vegas, showcasing the company’s end-to-end autonomous mobility business.

Las Vegas is home to the Aptiv’s largest self-driving fleet, a portion of which is available to passengers through an ongoing partnership with Lyft. The facility joins Boston, Singapore, and Pittsburgh as major Aptiv autonomous vehicle hubs. It is an all-inclusive facility for vehicle operations, research and development, data management, and technology demonstrations.

“With more than one million autonomous miles logged globally, Aptiv’s commercial AV pilots have proven our ability to launch, build, and scale a successful, end-to-end autonomous mobility solution,’ says Karl Iagnemma, president of autonomous mobility for Aptiv. “The investment in our Las Vegas Technical Center gives us the ability to further advance the efficiency of our operations, gather key commercial AV learnings, and enhance safety operator training.”

Aptiv’s autonomous vehicles are supporting more than1,600 destinations across Clark County and the City of Las Vegas, including popular entertainment venues, the Las Vegas Convention Center and City Hall.

Plans for servicing additional locations, a more expansive customer base and additional use cases are ongoing. To date, the program has completed more than 25,000 paid autonomous rides, while maintaining a nearly perfect average passenger rating of 4.95 out of five stars.

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