Trimble RTX Technology Plays Key Role In Detroit-based General Motors’ Super Cruise


Trimble announced details today regarding Detroit-based General Motors’ use of Trimble RTX technology as the GNSS/GPS correction source for vehicles equipped with GM’s Super Cruise hands-free highway driving system.

Super Cruise is currently available on the 2018 Cadillac CT6.

The Trimble RTX technology plays an important role in maintaining lane position for hands-free driving on divided highways.

Trimble has been a player in the automation and vehicle autonomy for years, going back to providing positioning solutions for some of the earliest robotic applications in the 1990s.

“Through our collaboration, the combined technologies of GM and Trimble will transform the way the world drives,” says Patricia Boothe, vice president of Trimble’s Advanced Positioning Division. “Trimble RTX is now influencing how we interact with our vehicles and the environment around them- helping to minimize driver fatigue and improve the assisted driving experience.”

Trimble RTX technology provides real-time, multi-constellation GNSS positioning capable of achieving better than 1.5 inches accuracy. Standard GPS signals can drift up to 25 feet, which could cause incorrect lane identification.

Trimble RTX corrects the signals for atmospheric conditions, satellite orbit, and time synchronization errors and then sends those signals to GM vehicles with Super Cruise via OnStar 4G LTE cellular. The Trimble network is supported by redundant servers that are monitored 24/7 by a team of network engineers and IT specialists ensuring optimal signal performance and reliability for drivers who will depend on it.

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