TPS Logistics in Troy Launches Health, Beauty Supply Chain Platform


Troy-based third-party supply chain management company TPS Logistics today announced the launch of Beauty Logistics, a subsidiary aimed at providing multi-modal solutions and guidance specifically for the health and beauty industry.

TPS Logistics CEO Brandon Stallard says the concept was created to aid logistics issues not accounted for in industries outside of health and beauty.

“The health and beauty industry has its own set of unique supply chain challenges and considerations – ones that we have decades of experience navigating,” says Stallard. “The first-to-market concept was created to funnel that expertise into one company that works specifically with organizations within the health and beauty space to create the most comprehensive supply chain solutions possible, ultimately improving their bottom line.”

The new division’s platform plans to provide thorough and comprehensive data for all areas of the supply chain, allowing for clients to integrate systems and areas of business.

“We’re firmly committed to providing exceptional optimization for our clients, particularly as it relates to inventory planning, backlogging, and domestic and overseas shipping,” says Ingmar Korstanje, director of business development for Beauty Logistics.