TomTom’s Real-Time Electric Vehicle Service Arrives in North America


TomTom, a global navigation technology company with offices in Detroit, announced that its electric vehicle (EV) service, designed to help make drivers more informed decisions about when and where to charge their vehicles, is now available in North America.

The TomTom EV Service is a live service available to automakers and their suppliers, and includes almost 11,000 charging locations across the U.S. and Canada at launch, with more locations to come.

The TomTom EV Service provides real-time availability for charging points, reducing anxiety for drivers about how far they can travel on their current charge, as well as other essential information such as opening hours, payment methods, and connector types.

“For the electric car market to grow, it’s important that we reduce the barriers to entry, one of which is range anxiety,” says Olaf Gietelink, vice president of product marketing for TomTom Automotive. “We’re excited to launch the TomTom EV Service in North America, increasing driver peace of mind and as a result making ownership of electric vehicles even more attractive.”

Hyundai and Kia drivers in North America will be the first to benefit from the service, starting in the second half of 2018.

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