Tespo in Plymouth Township Creates Licensing Program for Vitamin Manufacturers


Plymouth Township-based health and wellness technology company Tespo today began a licensing program to allow vitamin manufacturers to license the company’s patent-pending vitamin pods and dispenser system for distribution. The program will expand Tespo’s liquid vitamin offerings to give consumers additional choices.

MegaFood, a national provider of whole food dietary supplements, will be the first to license Tespo’s system and begin selling four of their current supplements using Tespo’s second generation dispenser beginning in the fourth quarter of 2018.

“The launch of the Tespo Licensing Program sets the stage for our next generation dispenser, and allows us the opportunity to give our customers more supplement choices,” says Ted Mills, CEO of Tespo. “Last year when we launched Tespo, we set out to make supplements without fillers and sugars in liquid form to help people regardless of their age, potential health condition, or their adversity to pills. Today, we’re collaborating with MegaFood, one of the most respected brands on the market, to deliver on our promise.”

Founded in New Hampshire in 1973, MegaFood currently sources fresh foods from farmers throughout the U.S. and Canada to create supplements through their Slo-Food Process, which preserves vitamins and nutrients.

Tespo formulas come in individually closed 31-serving pods and are delivered as liquid via the Tespo Dispenser, much like a single-serve coffee maker. The dispenser is designed to fit on a counter as a daily reminder to take the supplements.

Tespo’s licensing program is currently accepting additional applications, and more information can be found by e-mailing partnerships@gettespo.com.

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