TechTown Detroit, Brightmoor Alliance to Launch Fenkell Street Market


tTechTown Detroit and the Brightmoor Alliance will launch a community market next month, aimed at building density and driving foot traffic in the northwest Detroit neighborhood.

tThe Fenkell Street Market, expected to open July 26 and temporarily located at 20101 Fenkell Ave., will allow local residents who now sell goods out of their own homes to do so at the market for $10 per day. The goal is to increase opportunities for home-based businesses that seek to sell their goods at the market, or eventually open storefronts of their own.

t“(The market) could be the catalyst for reinvestment in the neighborhood, encouraging residents to turn their hobbies into formal enterprises, generating foot traffic with the buying power to bring storefronts back to life, changing perceptions among visitors from negative to positive, and offering the seemingly simple opportunity to purchase goods only steps away from ones front door,” says Leslie Smith, president and CEO of TechTown.

tSmith says the creation of the community-owned market is based on student recommendations from the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business. She says, uipon further discussions, TechTown asked the school and students to undertake market research on the commercial corridor by surveying existing businesses, conducting one-on-one interviews, and reviewing previous neighborhood assessments to develop a set of density-creation strategies.

tThe market will be owned and operated by the community, though TechTown will manage its finances as well as identify and secure a permanent location.

tThe Fenkell Street Market, featuring handmade goods, specialty crafts, and interesting objects, will operate from 12-4 p.m. on the fourth Saturday of each month, beginning July 26.

tPotential vendors may apply for market space at the Brightmoor Alliance at 17421 Telegraph Rd., the Brightmoor Community Center at 14451 Burt Rd., or TechTown Detroit at 440 Burroughs St. The application is also available online at

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