Techonomy Detroit Conference Features Google and Microsoft Tech Experts


The fourth annual Techonomy Detroit conference, which brings together national technology leaders in the transportation, government, and education sectors, returns to the campus of Wayne State University next month.

“For the fourth year in a row, Techonomy Detroit showcases the innovation, entrepreneurship, and tech-infused forward thinking that can drive forward the American economy and Detroit,” says David Kirkpatrick, host of Techonomy. “We’ll be looking at what cities can become as tech progress accelerates, and how companies can thrive in this new world as innovation accelerates and all of us seek to surf this rampant era of change.”

Kirkpatrick says sessions will include topics surrounding connected mobility, how to create jobs and improve transit in cities, how to engage residents, and designing cities that benefit all residents.

Speakers include Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, a software company; Dan'l Lewin, corporate vice president of technology and civic engagement at Microsoft; John Webb, a user experience researcher at Google Civic Innovation; and Andrew Yang, founder and CEO of Venture for America, among others.

“The event is intended for entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators who want to improve how their organizations work and to understand where the American economy and business is going next,” Kirkpatrick says.

The event will be held at the Wayne State University Law School on Sept. 15. For more information, visit