Swift Biosciences in Ann Arbor Releases Cancer NGS Panels to Identify Variants Within Cancer Genes


Swift Biosciences in Ann Arbor has announced the commercial release of its Accel-Amplicon Plus Cancer NGS Panels, a suite of nine tumor-specific and focused gene panels to facilitate targeted cancer sequencing.

Every tumor has a unique combination of genomic alterations that may determine tumor growth rate and response to treatment. Targeted sequencing provides a method to identify clinically actionable variants within known or putative cancer genes.

Accel-Amplicon Plus’ new technology provides a modular mix-and-match capability. Labs can either begin with a broad gene set to comprehensively profile tumors or start with a focused assay to routinely screen known, clinically actionable variants.

The new technology enables simultaneous detection of single nucleotide variants, copy number variants, and small insertion and deletions to achieve comprehensive and exon-level hotspot coverage of clinically relevant genes. It also allows researchers to combine pre-validated content and their own targets in to a fast, single-tube assay to develop more information and scalable workflows.

“Accel-Amplicon Plus Cancer Panels could revolutionize cancer and oncology research,” says Haley Fiske, chief commercial officer at Swift Biosciences. “By integrating pre-validated and customizable content into a single panel, clinical researchers can maximize data generated from every tumor sample and accelerate their efforts to discover and screen cancer variants.”

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