Strata Oncology Announces Trial to Expand Tumor Sequencing and Targeted Therapy


Ann Arbor-based precision medicine company Strata Oncology announced the launch of the Strata Trial, a nationwide observational study providing no-cost tumor sequencing and clinical trial matching for 100,000 advanced cancer patients in order to study the impact of tumor sequencing on clinical trial enrollment.

“We are proud to first launch the Strata Trial at UNC Lineberger and UAB, both prominent cancer centers at the forefront of cancer research and care.” Says Dan Rhodes, Ph.D., CEO of Strata Oncology. “I am grateful for their commitment and shared vision and look forward to building on our momentum to scale the Strata Trial, both to substantially broaden patient access and to accelerate our pharma partners’ precision oncology clinical trials.”

Strata Oncology will collaborate with its first cancer center partners, the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, and University of Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Participating in the Strata Trial allows both institutions to offer tumor sequencing to all eligible advanced cancer patients at no-cost, and access to Strata Oncology’s portfolio of affiliated pharma-sponsored clinical trials. Patients from both center’s regional affiliate hospitals will also be included in order to broaden regional access to the trial.

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