Sterling Heights’ Mettle Ops Receives $4.3M in Additional Funding for Military Survival Gear


Mettle Ops in Sterling Heights has adjusted its contract with the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) in Warren to include a funding ceiling hike of $4.3 million. This brings the total amount in the Department of Defense (DoD) Ordnance Technology Consortium Other Transaction Agreement Contract to more than $13 million.

The contract was created as a research and development project designed to make soldiers’ survival top priority. The hike is due to increased budgetary funding by Mettle Ops’ government customer.

“We are excited to receive this increase, as this shows that the DoD is taking this topic seriously and allowing TARDEC to pursue survivability solutions for increased soldier safety, which is our passion,” says Katie Bigelow, president of Mettle Ops.

Mettle Ops handles the program management, design, modeling and simulations, analysis, and documentation aspect of the process for the agreement. TARDEC seeks the latest technologies to affordably and effectively enhance vehicle and crew survivability for existing and future ground vehicle systems. The deal will continue to provide both virtual and physical prototypes for tracked and wheeled ground vehicles.

“Our chief goal is to serve the warfighter,” says Bigelow. “Survivability effort deals like this provide soldiers with equipment that protects them better in wartime environments.”

Mettle Ops specializes in research, development, reverse engineering, ground vehicle design, test and evaluation experience, system integration capabilities, and facilities manufacturing and fabrication.

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