Steelcase Health Makes Patient Rooms More Conducive to Families


Grand Rapids-based Steelcase Health, a designer of healthcare spaces and a division of Steelcase Inc., today announced Surround, a collection of healthcare furnishings designed to support family members in patient settings.

With the flexibility to serve as both a sleep surface and a sofa, and features to support eating, working, and socialization, the Surround Collection offers family members a designated space in healthcare settings, allowing them to better support their loved one, relax, and communicate with clinicians.

Steelcase Health created Surround after research indicated family involvement in patient care can influence patient satisfaction and outcomes, improving the experience for patients, family members, and healthcare providers.

“Healthcare environments can be a tool to help providers support family members’ desire to be involved in a loved one’s care, but few hospitals leverage the space they have to do this effectively,” says Michelle Ossmann, director of healthcare environments for Steelcase Health. “Unfortunately, family space design can often feel like an afterthought. Surround helps to create a space that indicates family is welcome and supports basic activities like eating, sleeping, and engaging in critical conversations with doctors and nurses.”

Developed based on reviews of industry trends, peer-reviewed research, and case studies, the Surround Collection:

  • Supports daily activity including eating, working, sleeping, socializing, and hosting
  • Accommodates frequent, inclusive conversation among patients, family members, and clinicians
  • Provides a designated space for family belongings
  • Enables flexibility of seating to support a variety of body types and postures
  • Optimizes spatial efficiency and environmental cleanliness

The modular and integrated construction of Surround is designed to accommodate all the key roles that the family plays in the hospital room. More information about the Surround Collection can be found here.

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