State Offers Research Reports to Aid Michigan Growers with Export Opportunities


The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is now offering analysis and research reports for Michigan growers and processors looking for new export opportunities, for sectors such as apples, wine, honey, and blueberries.

“The reports will assist these companies in identifying emerging export opportunities to further grow their global presence and expand their businesses,” says Jamie Clover Adams, director of the department. “New international markets are critical as Michigan focuses on growing its food and agriculture exports.”

The Michigan Department of Agriculture’s International Marketing Program partnered with Euromonitor International, a leading independent provider of strategic market research, to develop the reports.

The alcoholic beverage report says post recession, volume growth of alcohol exports is less dynamic but value growth provides reason for optimism as part of a wave of craftsmanship and authenticity. Canada is currently the top country receiving U.S. exports, but volume growth is expected to remain flat. The United Kingdom, Mexico, and Spain are all seeing volume increases in demand.

The apples report finds more consumers are willing to pay more money for apple exports from countries that are perceived to be of higher quality, in light of economic recovery in many countries. Mexico, Canada, and Taiwan are the top three countries receiving U.S. exports of apples, although consumption forecasts in these countries are not as strong as in others.

The department’s hops report finds that because of the increasing popularity of craft beer in many markets, there will be an increase in demand for hops, as the craft beer segment consumes a disproportionately large share of hops relative to its market share. The United Kingdom is among the top hop-consuming countries, but there is projected growth in consumption in Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Australia.

The wine report says despite tough economic conditions, consumers around the world are demanding high-quality wine products. Wine is generally seen as a healthy alcoholic

alternative to beer or spirits, which connects with rising consumer health awareness. While the top three countries receiving U.S. wine exports are Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan, the largest area of opportunity to grow U.S. exports is in China.

Reports are available for blueberries, dairy products, dry beans, energy/breakfast bars, honey, onions, pickled products, popcorn, potatoes, snack and savory foods, and tart cherries.

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