State of Michigan Establishes Literacy Commission


Gov. Rick Snyder has signed an executive order to create the Pre K-12 Literacy Commission within the Michigan Department of Education. The new commission will provide policy recommendations and reports on the state’s progress in literacy.

The commission will be responsible for researching and providing recommendations for changes to state programs, statutes, regulations, and policies surrounding literacy; monitoring literacy research and testing potential programs; and fostering partnerships between the state, schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to encourage increased literacy in Michigan.

“Literacy is a key component to student development and achievement,” Snyder says. “Michigan’s future depends on making our education system a success from the first day of school.”

The commission was created when state government leaders formed a group to review policies on literacy and concluded that an independent commission was necessary to set literacy goals for Michigan and provide reports on its progress.

Recognizing the challenges schools can face based on their location, socioeconomic status, and size, the state government will also provide advice on practices and development to fit those difficulties and prepare students for careers.

“We need to do everything we can to prepare students to enter the workforce and take advantage of new opportunities in the 21st century economy,” Snyder says.

The commission will include 13 members, including seven appointed by the governor and six recommended by education and legislative leaders. Members, who will have experience in literacy and be active in educational and philanthropic communities, will serve terms between two and four years.