State Launches Campaign to Attract Talent to High-tech Automotive Jobs


Gov. Rick Snyder today announced a new initiative designed to highlight high-tech careers available in Michigan’s automotive industry.

“Our success in attracting new automotive investment in recent years means we must now expand our state’s talent base and prepare our students for jobs in one of the world’s major technology hubs,” Snyder says. “Michigan today rivals Silicon Valley as a global innovation center and we need to encourage our students to pursue exciting, well-paying careers in the tech-driven auto industry.”

Snyder says the program, called We Run on Brainpower, was unveiled at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars, being held in Traverse City. The communications program will be directed by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and is intended to raise awareness about career opportunities within the automotive industry. The campaign will highlight stories of Michigan men and women who work in the automotive sector and feature “A Day in the Life” video series with engineers.

“The vehicles of tomorrow are being developed in Michigan today because our state is home to the nation’s highest concentration of engineers, designers, innovators, and IT specialists,” Snyder says.  “As Michigan continues to develop these technologies, we must attract and retain the talent needed in these fields.”

Snyder cites research projecting there will be more innovations in vehicle technology and materials during the next five to 10 years than what has occurred in the last 100 years as a reason for the campaign. â€‹

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