Staffing Agency to Integrate New Technology into Operations


Detroit-based Geometric Results Inc., a service provider in the employment management industry is integrating a talent data exchange into its operations that will provide insight into sourcing temporary workers or independent contractors.

“(The) Talent Data Exchange represents a quantum leap by addressing the variances seen when analyzing contingent workforce data at the job title level,” says Art Knapp, Geometric Results’ vice president. “Without this level of precision, metrics, and benchmarks are of limited value.”

Knapp will work with New York-based Brightfield Strategies, an employee capital strategies consultancy, to help to accelerate the integration.

The data exchange helps companies compute the cost of non-employee labor, review statistical analysis about program performance, and test workforce strategies. Data from companies around the world is housed in one centralized location.

“As one of the founding (managed service provider) sponsors of the Talent Data Exchange, Geometric Results continues to recognize the power of accurate, granular, and timely market rate data into our MSP operations,” says Dan Fuhrman, president of Geometric Results.

The data exchange is expected to be fully integrated into Geometric Results’ services by the third quarter of this year.

Fuhrman says the employee management industry is a growing industry, and is an approach to staffing that perceives people as assets and whose value can be measured. 

“In an industry trading over $125 billion per year, such precision is critical if we are serious about serving our clients to the best of our abilities,” Knapp says.