St. Clair Shores Company Develops Reusable, Microfiber Cleaning Towel


St. Clair Shores-based Full Spektrem LLC is offering a new product called Tuff Towel, a reusable microfiber towel that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces.

“The technology behind Tuff Towel initially was developed for use in one of the strictest environments — computer chip clean rooms, which must be free of airborne particulate matter,” says Jeff Lavin, vice president of marketing at Full Spektrem. “For everyday consumers, Tuff Towel's revolutionary approach means they can use it in multi-environments, virtually wherever they go.”

Sold under Full Spektrem’s Rock-it line, Lavin says the Tuff Towel can be cut to size, is machine washable up to 100 times, and is residue-free. He says the towel is safe for all coated surfaces and can be used with water, dry, or with cleaning products.

“Tuff Towel reduces the need for chemicals, using only water,” Lavin says. “It also can be used dry for dusting.” 

He says a pack of five costs $10.

Last week, Full Spektrem unveiled new packaging for its Rock-it product line of cleaning supplies, which are sold online at or at The Home Depot.

The Full Spektrem family of companies includes brands such as Nanolia, a developer of nano coatings; Steel Meister, a stainless steel appliance cleaner; and NanoIT, a coating that guards against pollution, water, and oil. ​