Southfield’s Lear Corp. Launches New Design Studio


In an effort to offer differentiated seating designs, Lear Corp., a Southfield-based global supplier of automotive seating and electrical systems, has introduced a new design studio product service called Crafted by Lear.

Automakers traditionally select seats that are already designed and then modify them to fit their brand before moving into full production. Lear officials say Crafted by Lear, which consists of a team of design and engineering professionals, will work to encourage OEMs to partner with Lear early in the design process to ensure that their design vision is fully expressed at the onset of a project.

“Car buyers are becoming more selective than ever about interiors,” said Raymond E. Scott, executive vice president of Lear and president of Lear Seating. “Seats obviously play a large role in the overall appearance, quality, and comfort of interiors, and our premium service can give our automotive customers a unique approach to achieve the best solutions.”

Crafted by Lear’s team, which specialize in advanced engineering, color and trim, industrial trending, benchmarking, and materials, will work out of the company’s Center for Craftsmanship. The center is located across Telegraph Road from Lear’s corporate headquarters. The auto supplier also recently opened the Lear Innovation Center in downtown Detroit.

Scott says that Crafted by Lear is in a pilot phase this year focusing on three premium OEM projects that will launch between 2019-2021. However, he says the service is not limited to upscale cars.

“We’ll cover the full range of cars, SUVs, CUVs, and trucks,” he says.

Lear’s products, which can be found on more than 350 vehicle nameplates, are designed, engineered, and manufactured by a diverse team.

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