Southfield’s Federal-Mogul Launches Textile Sleeving for Vehicle Crash Protection and Impact Resistance


Federal-Mogul Powertrain in Southfield Thursday announced it has launched its next-generation textile sleeving for crash protection and impact resistance.

CrushShield 2448 is available for heavy-duty and light vehicle applications and features a new heat shrinkable design that absorbs and disperses energy during a crash, protecting sensitive vehicle components such as air conditioning lines, fuel lines, hoses, and high-voltage cables.

The product also provides superior abrasion resistance, which prevents mechanical wear from nearby components that come into contact with each other.

“As heavy-duty engines continue to increase in complexity, so does the amount of tubing, hoses, cables, and wiring components required to maintain effective vehicle operations,” says Gian Maria Olivetti, chief technology officer. “As a global leader in the design of abrasion and crash technologies as well as innovative textiles, our Systems Protection CrushShield solutions have been proven in advanced testing to provide impact-resistant, durable protection for components.”

The product uses a high-performance, multi-layer textile design and has a shrink ratio up to 4-to-1 with a minimum shrink temperature of more than 140 degrees Celsius, enabling installation over large connectors, brackets, and contours with sharp angles. The heat shrinking design also enables the sleeve to increase in density and toughness with fitted or shrunk around the component.

“Ease of installation is truly the hallmark of CrushShield 2448’s design,” says Tammy Ebersole, vice president and general manager of systems protection. “When installed, this product will firmly grip onto the protected component, eliminating the need for additional fixation devices, reducing overall installation time and complexity for the customer.”

The lightweight, shrinkable construction also allows CrushShield 2448 to cover multiple diameter applications with the same product.

Crash tests performed using CrushShield 2448 resulted in an increase in crash protection by more than 70-100 percent, depending on the application. It is testing with several global OEMs.