Southfield’s Brooks Kushman Law Firm Names New Executive Committee

Brooks Kushman’s new executive committee (from left): Frank Angileri, Elizabeth Janda, Matthew Jakubowski, Sangeeta Shah, and Michael Brodbine. // Photograph Courtesy of Brooks Kushman

Brooks Kushman, a nationally ranked intellectual property law firm based in Southfield, has appointed a new executive committee.

Shareholders elected Frank Angileri, Sangeeta Shah, Michael Brodbine, Elizabeth Janda, and Matthew Jakubowski to serve as the executive committee, which assumed leadership of the firm on Jan. 1.

Additionally, the shareholders elected Angileri president of the firm, and Sangeeta Shah chairperson of the executive committee. Angileri and Shah, according to Mark Cantor, the firm’s general counsel and board chairman, have been instrumental in growing the firm’s client base, increasing employee enrichment, driving pro bono efforts, and implementing training and mentoring programs.

“This move is part of a succession plan that has been in place for several years,” says Cantor. “We are confident that we have all the right pieces in place to lead the firm into the future and to continue to achieve success and long-term growth. Each of these members has played a significant role in shaping the firm’s culture and client growth over the last decade, and I am confident the firm is in excellent hands.”

Shah says, “Brooks Kushman has a very strong reputation within the legal community, and I look forward to building on this reputation and working with my fellow committee members to further advance and grow the firm. We will continue to employ and refine best practices.”

The team has begun to implement changes to continue the firm’s vision for the future. The firm has invested heavily in technology and operational enhancements to increase efficiencies and better deliver service offerings targeted to each clients’ business and legal needs.

“The firm’s focus is always going to be operational excellence,” says Angileri. “We understand the legal landscape has changed drastically over the last several years and we have taken steps to be at the forefront of those changes. Our priority will continue to provide clients with the highest level of service in a more efficient and streamlined manner.”