Southfield IT Company Introduces Virtual Desktop for Engineering, Design


Southfield-based IT provider Secure-24 has introduced a virtual desktop that allows users to gain access and manage engineering and design applications from anywhere on Internet-connected devices to simplify collaboration and enhance productivity.

“Standard engineering workstations are costly to procure and maintain, and can lead to data security issues by storing creative data locally,” says Scott McIsaac, chief technology officer at Secure-24. “Our Engineering Desktops replace the need for high-end workstations with cost-efficient 3-D virtual desktops.”

McIsaac says other virtual desktops offer the infrastructure but don’t offer full application management or deployment.

The desktops store content created in applications such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Revit, and Photoshop in the company’s data centers. McIsaac says the desktops will reduce the overhead of maintaining the graphic workstations, increase data security, and result in faster onboarding of engineering and design staff. Remote and mobile users can access workstations from any Internet-connected device.

To decrease the likelihood of unauthorized access, McIsaac says the desktops have multi-factor authentication. In the event of data loss, the 3-D virtual desktops also provide enterprise back-ups and recovery of end-user data.​