Southfield Firm Develops, Releases New 3-D Catalog Technology


Southfield-based Onu is headed to California next week to demonstrate its recently launched 3-D catalog technology to the medical manufacturing and sales community at a medical technology conference.

“Medical device and instrument sales reps are faced with a unique set of challenges such as bringing bulky, delicate, or very expensive items on sales call,” says Sam Sesti, president of Onu, which will be among the exhibitors represented at the MD&M West, to be held in Anaheim.

The patent-pending Onu One addresses such challenges by using a company’s available engineering and computer-aided design renderings to create 3-D product views in a mobile catalog.

“Companies can showcase their products while still in preproduction, which is key since there’s often time tied up meeting government approvals and quality standards,” Sesti says.

An add-on allows sales representatives to invite prospective customers to download the app and browse a tailored 3-D product catalog. Sesti says the analytics engine allows for detailed reporting, including comprehensive lead tracking and qualifying. 

The app also allows for real-time updates and clickable resources such as video, PDFs, and image files. Onu One integrates with customer relationship management systems.

In addition to medical sales, the company sees potential markets in automotive aftermarket, sporting goods, small household appliances, and audio/visual as key sectors that will benefit from the technology, Sesti says.

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