Southfield Beverage Company Releases New Product Line and Flavors


In an effort to rebrand itself, Southfield-based Marley Beverage Co., a beverage company created in partnership with Bob Marley’s family, has released a new line of naturally sweetened, zero-calorie relaxation drinks and introduced new flavors to its ready-to-drink coffees.

“Bob Marley understood how ingredients affect the body and mind,” says Mindy Spire, marketing director. “We’ve turned this idea into something that you can sip and enjoy.”

The company’s new Zero Mellow Mood Relaxation is a line of natural, decaffeinated teas and sparkling waters made from a blend of chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower, which Spire says are ingredients that are known for being calming.

“With the launch of our Zero line, we’re offering consumers and retailers alike the best of both worlds: a delicious, better for you, zero-calorie beverage option in a tea or sparkling water, with a unique added functionality,” she says.

Mellow Mood relaxation tea flavors include Peach Raspberry Black Tea, Raspberry Tea Lemonade Low Calorie, Peach Raspberry Black Tea Zero, Honey Green Tea, and Bartlett Pear Black Tea Zero. The line of Mellow Mood Relaxation sparkling waters includes Mixed Berry, Lemon Citrus, and Mango.

One Drop RTD Premium Coffees combine the company’s Jamaican coffee blend with pure cane sugar, rBGH hormone-free milk, and natural flavorings. New flavors to the line include Swirl and Banana Split.

Along with new line extensions, Marley Beverage Co. has executed an initiative that includes redesigned packaging for Mellow Mood and One Drop. The company has also unveiled a new corporate medallion featuring an illustrated portrait of a youthful Bob Marley, which appears on Marley Beverage Co. products.