Southfield-based Farbman Group Adds Video Technology to Streamline Operations


Farbman Group, a Southfield-based real estate company, has added new technologies that will allow Realtors and potential buyers to photograph and videotape properties and commercial buildings hands free.

The two technologies include Narrative Clip and Drop Cam. Narrative Clip is a tiny, wearable, 8-megapixel camera that allows users to snap pictures of moments in real time, while being hands free. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth upload and store pictures immediately to a mobile device. Drop Cam allows users to check into a location, capture video, and communicate with other users.

“As companies look to move, expand, or grow, this technology can save them time in allowing a first view of the potential property in a streaming manner, allowing prospects to save on the initial trip to see a potential new space,” says Andrew Farbman, CEO of Farbman Group.

The technologies also will be used to showcases properties and buildings in real time as well as recent renovations and build outs, Farbman says.

“We believe it is critical to leverage technology to remain a leader in the industry, while making our clients’ lives easier and our employees’ work day more efficient,” Farbman says. “As we continue the internal rollout of these platforms, we are working with our team to determine various uses for them.”

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