Soccer Player Tracking System Expands Pilot Program to Next Level


Lathrup Village-based Telemetrio is taking the development of its sports telemetrics and broadcasting system to the next level with an expanded pilot program at Ultimate Soccer Arenas in Pontiac.

The system — which films games, captures the highlights, and auto analyzes and shares the results — tracks factors such as goals scored and passes and assists made, ultimately allowing players and coaches to track players’ progress, says Marco Cucco, Telemetrio’s acting CEO.

“Let’s say that you play (a sport) for three years,” Cucco says. “It would be interesting for you to say, ‘My first year playing, I ran three or four miles in a normal game. And by the end of the year, I was running as much as six to seven miles per game.’”

As part of the pilot program, Telemetrio will install multiple cameras at three fields in the indoor soccer and lacrosse arena in August. During the demo period, the five-person startup will test and debug the entire system. “We are also recording some games so that we can calibrate (the system),” Cucco says.

He adds that the firm will also start speaking with potential users over the next few months to get a better idea of how much of the data gathered is of use to them.

The system — geared toward youth and amateur sportsmen — has uses beyond analytics, however. “You may have a niece or nephew that lives in Arizona, and now you can see their games. Or if you’re a kid, you may want to share a goal — from five different perspectives — with your friends,” Cucco says.

Cucco says the company hopes to commercialize the service by late fall.

The Macomb-OU INCubator in Sterling Heights was recently awarded $14,000 to provide accelerator services to Telemetrio, which anticipates hiring four full-time employees. The BAF for Telemetrio will support intellectual-property legal expenses to be completed in partnership with Butzel Long in Detroit.

“The Macomb-INCubator is excited to support Telemetrio in its plans to expand nationally, which will result in economic development and job creation for the state of Michigan,” says Julie Gustafson, executive director of the Macomb-OU INCubator.

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