SME Introduces Seminar Series on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies


Dearborn-based SME, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting manufacturing through training, events, media, and membership, will launch a seminar series next month on smart manufacturing, including digital manufacturing and 3-D printing.

“Smart manufacturing is going to change how everything is made,” says Jeff Krause, CEO of SME (formerly Society of Manufacturing Engineers). “It’s essential for manufacturing companies and professionals to have a better understanding of what this means for them — from advanced manufacturing technologies to the tools, processes, and practices used in development and production.”

Krause says the series begins March 16 with a session called Additive Manufacturing/3-D Printing: Transition to Production at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit’s Midtown district. He says experts in additive manufacturing will discuss how they transitioned from prototype to full production volumes. Materials, processes, and 3-D scanning will also be covered. Experts include employees from America Makes, Materialise USA, Direct Dimensions, Met-L-Flo, and the U.S. Army.

Krause says other sessions in Detroit include a seminar called Smart Manufacturing: The Digital Transformation, focused on how smart manufacturing technologies connect design, planning, production, and distribution to drive process improvements and reduce operational costs, along with a two-day session on additive manufacturing.

Two other seminars will be held in Salt Lake City on advanced composites manufacturing for the aerospace industry and in Chicago on the digital transformation in manufacturing.

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