Smart Vision Lights Announces Partnership with JM Vistec System


Muskegon-based high-brightness LED lights designer and manufacturer Smart Vision Lights has announced a partnership that will bring their LED lights and accessories to the Asian market for the first time.

SVL signed with JM Vistec System yesterday, a semiconductor and electronics company with two offices in Taiwan, three in China, and one each in Thailand and Malaysia. Each location provides sales support, as well as limited in-house engineering and logistical support for all of their applications.

JM Vistec System’s main focus is in semiconductors and electronics, an industry being driven globally by the rising demand for IT hardware, office automation products, and consumer electronics products such as mobile phones and automotive products.  JM Vistec System also specializes in food and packaging, automotive and metal, and industrial X-rays for nondestructive testing.

SVL’s products are primed for global installation due to their universal internal current-control drivers and the use of in-house IEC 62741 light-testing laboratory, guaranteeing conformity and compliance for lighting systems regardless of where they are installed worldwide.

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