Ski Instructor and Entrepreneur in Bloomfield Hills Receives Patent for Training Ring


Lost Mitten in Bloomfield Hills has announced it has received formal registration and the approval announcement of its ski-training ring design from the U.S. Patent Office. The device, called SkiRing, helps skiers learn proper hand placement and stance.

SkiRings are used at more than 30 ski school programs, with about 1,500 on the slopes. The device, akin to a plastic steering wheel, helps beginners center their weight and keep their hands forward. With repetition, skiers learn how to correctly extend their arms before using ski poles.

Ski schools at Pine Knob Ski and Snowboard Resort in Clarkston, Mt. Holly in Holly, and Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, use the rings.

“I love teaching skiing. My favorite moment during the lesson is when the student has a breakthrough and the look on their face that shows they get it,” says Monica Schwanitz, ski instructor and owner of Lost Mitten. “My motivation for creating the SkiRing was to have more of those moments more often, and to create lifelong enthusiasts by helping them to ski better.”

Mesick Mold Co. in Mesick, Mich. made the mold, and Spencer Plastics Inc. in Cadillac, Mich., manufactures the rings.

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