Shinola Introduces New One-Speed Bicycles


Detroit-based Shinola, a manufacturer and retailer of bikes and leather goods, has introduced its first single-speed bicycle.

The Detroit Arrow is designed for riding on flat surfaces. It’s available in both black and white, and offers both men’s and women’s models. The bike features a leather saddle, cork grips, and a steel frame design.

Both bikes retail for $1,000, which is less expensive than Shinola’s other bike offerings, such as the Runwell bike, which retails for almost $3,000.

Shinola is also offering a limited edition, nickel-plated single-speed bicycle. It features a nickel finish on the frame, the fork, and the chain guard. Only 25 are available and retails for $1,700.

Shinola is preparing to open its Ann Arbor store in May.