Saline-based Akervall Technologies Partners with Triple Eight on Mouthguard Distribution


Saline-based Akervall Technologies Inc. (ATI), makers of the SISU Mouthguards, has partnered with New York-based Triple Eight as the distributor of choice for action sports products.

Through the partnership, Triple Eight will expand SISU Mouthguards’ reach throughout the United States.

SISU Mouthguards are thin protective dental guards made from non-compressible, perforated, remoldable material. SISU’s Diffusix Technology distributes impact force over the entire surface of the mouth guard and directs it to the outer crumple zones where the shock is absorbed, reducing the risk of dental injury upon impact.

The mouth guards can also be fitted with braces by a dental professional and are fully remoldable for a custom fit.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach Triple Eight’s vast network and customers who know and trust that brand,” says Sassa Akervall, CEO of ATI. “This is also a service to the customers who already know SISU, but are using Triple Eight as their vendor for other types of merchandise. Our partnership will allow these customers to simplify their ordering experience.”

Widely used by the athletic community, SISU mouth guards are lighter and less obtrusive than traditional mouth guards and are manufactured by ATI.

Headquartered in Saline, ATI is comprised of a management core, manufacturing facility, and research and development division for future dental protection technology. It also produces products for the wheeled and board sports market.