SafeWhistle in Farmington Hills Creates Secure Platform for Reporting Workplace Harassment


Farmington Hills-based SafeWhistle today announced the introduction of a software solution to help corporations proactively and confidentially address issues related to harassment in and outside the workplace.

The whistleblowing case management product, called SafeWhistle, offers an encrypted, anonymous platform to collect, investigate, and manage employee reports.

“The opportunity is for companies to stand up to help change corporate America for the better,” says Jay Patel, CEO of SafeWhistle. “We hope those companies will work with us to create a safer, more transparent business world, one that holds executives in government and the private sector accountable for the integrity of their enterprise in the most secure and private way possible.”

Patel adds that SafeWhistle’s goal is to deliver a “fundamental cultural shift” at companies worldwide, from damage control to damage prevention.

More information can be found here or by contacting (248) 266-3664 ext. 101.

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