Royal Oak’s Beyond Gaming Grows With Xbox One and Sony’s PS4


Beyond Gaming in Royal Oak has reached a pinnacle — it’s the only company in the world that allows people to play online video game tournaments and fantasy sports tournaments on the same website, including Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

“Our competitors have yet to upgrade to the Xbox One or PS4, both of which were introduced for the holidays, so we’re getting a lot of traction,” says Gabe Rubin, founder and CEO of Beyond Gaming. “We redesigned and relaunched our website, and we totally optimized our platform for mobile and other devices.”

Started in 2006, Beyond Gaming operates where players from around the world play head-to-head or in multi-player tournaments for cash prizes. “We get a service fee for every game played (around 14 percent), and the winning player gets the pot,” Rubin says.

Since inception, Beyond Gaming has awarded more than $20 million in cash prizes, Rubin says. “Our revenue has been growing between 30 percent and 40 percent a year, and we’re on track to repeat that growth in 2014,” he says.

Last year, the company posted $4.9 million in gross revenue, up from $3.8 million in 2012. Rubin says the firm is looking to add employees, including an iOS developer and a marketing director.

Next up, the will welcome players of first person shooter games and auto racing games. Rubin says the most popular games selected by players are Madden NFL Football and NBA 2K14.

“We’re 100 percent laser focused on our growth,” Rubin says. “We will continue to add value to our existing member base and we’re working on some top secret proprietary games. We should have the first one out this summer, and the second one in the fall.”