Royal Oak-based PIXO VR and Silicon Valley’s HP Partner on New Virtual Reality Training for Businesses


PIXO VR in Royal Oak and HP in Silicon Valley today announced they are joining forces to bring virtual reality training to enterprises around the world. PIXO VR is a virtual reality software designer that develops AAA-game quality VR training experiences.

The goal of the tech alliance is to provide global business with a complete, out-of-the-box, virtual reality training solution — hardware and software, end-to-end.

HP, a longtime player in the technology sector, develops and supplies hardware, namely PCs, gaming systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions. More recently, the company has developed a suite of virtual reality hardware products, and needed software to provide a full range of VR training services.

Enter PIXO VR, a Michigan-based startup that designs high-resolution computer training solutions for the construction, manufacturing, energy, and utility markets.

The two companies are working to ensure PIXO VR’s fully immersive, 3D, active learning experiences pair well with HP’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset and the HP VR Backpack, which offers users a tetherless experience, complete with hot-swappable batteries.

“Businesses may understand what VR can do, but they need a viable path for how to integrate it within their organizations and training programs. They want a complete solution,” says Sean Hurwitz, CEO of PIXO VR. “HP’s hardware combined with PIXO VR software provides just that. We couldn’t ask for better partners.”

Jay Fraser, global head of VR for training at HP, says the partnership allows users to explore new experiences, new realities, and new ways of learning. “We’re cutting the last few cords with the physical world and allowing users true freedom,” he says.

The two companies are exhibiting the new VR offerings at this week’s SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, where tetherless HP hardware is running PIXO VR training software.

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