Rochester Hills Automaker Releases Equus Bass 770 to the Public


After six years of research, design, development, and regulatory testing, the Equus Bass 770 automobile is now available to the public, however it carries a hefty price tag that starts at $250,000.

“It is for the high net worth individuals who want to relive the time period of the 1960s and 1970s muscle cars,” says Ian James, brand ambassador for the Rochester Hills-based automaker.

Currently, the company has 20 orders and 100-plus serious inquiries, but the automaker doesn’t plan to expand anytime soon. With planned production of up to 100 cars per year, Equus Automotive will stick to its core produce line, James says.

The emerging Bass 700 series will soon feature different engines available at different price points. James says the company will release further information through an aggressive social media marketing campaign. A YouTube video titled “Equus, American Muscle Cars Rule,” has received more than 1.8 million views since September.

Equus began from the good graces of a silent European backer who has invested, what James calls, “many millions” into the automaker.

“He wanted to come to Detroit because it is the heartbeat of the American auto industry, and to take advantage of resources and the automotive base already here,” James says.

James says the vehicle includes magnetic selective ride control to provide greater response time, increased driver control, and better tire contact with the road; performance traction management; an active handling system; traction control; and variable-ratio power steering. He says the 6.2-liter supercharged LS9 V8 engine achieves 640 horsepower.

The Bass 770 claims a curb weight of just 3,640 pounds. “It is relatively light and small, and helps with the balance of the vehicle,” James says.