Rising Market for Aluminum Body Vehicles Spurs New Bonding Technology


Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a German-based company with facilities in Madison Heights and Warren, and auto supplier Novelis, with offices in Novi, today announced a partnership to develop advanced bonding technologies for the use of aluminum in vehicles. 

“The collaboration between Henkel and Novelis allows us to combine our respective areas of expertise — surface treatment and aluminum — to address aluminum processing and application challenges for use in vehicles,” says Eric Slamans, a vice president at Henkel.

Slamans says the new product, called Bonderite M-NT 8453, improves the adhesion of bonded joints in vehicle structures. It also improves the durability of paint finishes on exterior components. The product was developed by scientists at Henkel’s Madison Heights’ facility and at Novelis’ technology center in Atlanta. The product will be initially manufactured at Henkel’s plant in Warren.

“Bonderite extends the bonding performance and cost effectiveness of aluminum solutions to help automakers achieve their lightweighting and fuel economy goals,” Slamans says.

Henkel also develops such products as Dial soap and Purex laundry detergent as well as technologies for light metal applications, including aluminum. Novelis has had a role in developing adhesive bonding solutions for more than a decade.

Last fall, Ford Motor Co. debuted the 2015 all-aluminum-body F-150, which is 700 pounds lighter than the model it replaced. The vehicle, which has been selling briskly, offers drivers better fuel efficiency, among other attributes.