Revel Wine Cellars Offers New Wine Racking Systems with Modern Aesthetics


Revel Custom Wine Cellars, an East Lansing-based company that designs and installs wine racks in luxury homes and upscale restaurants, has launched two new wine racking systems: one that’s composed of independently rotating plates on a steel tower, and another that has rotating wood panels with rows that can hold up to four bottles of wine.

“We listened to our clients who said they loved the original elements and functionality of our cellar cabinetry, but many of them were looking for a more contemporary aesthetic using different combinations of glass, steel, and wood,” says Jim Cash, founder of Revel. “With the addition of these two product lines, we feel we are now in a position for the first time to respond to clients seeking traditional, contemporary styles, or anything in between.”

Cash says the Designer Series is made up of independently rotating plates on a steel tower that holds wine bottles of various shapes and sizes. The plates can be designed to hold between six to eight bottles each, and can be stacked up to 20 shelves high. He says the plates will be offered in a variety of finishes and materials, including chrome plating, bamboo, and acrylic.

Cash says the Revel-ution Series is similar to the Designer Series, but features an engineered wood panel appointed with stainless steel dowers. Each row can hold three to four wine bottles, and the panels can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Revel also offers products such as a wine wheel, featuring a rotating design to optimize cellar corner space; a wine ladder; and a trophy drawer that maximizes visibility of the bottles.