Report: What Keeps Online Customers Coming Back?


Ann Arbor-based CFI Group and Omni-channel technology company Radial today announced the results of a survey of 500 online shoppers to measure their perspectives on methods of connecting with retailers, along with the role of social media, in-store pickup, and transactions mistakenly identified as fraudulent.

The results indicate that the current “on demand” culture has conditioned shoppers to expect options and convenience when connecting with retailers, with 40 percent of respondents regularly using the self-help section of an online retail site to check the status of their order.

Additionally, 83 percent say they use self-service options when available, and 85 percent would use a visual IVR option on their mobile devices for service inquiries, if available.

Shoppers also indicated they perceive retailers’ social media accounts as a channel for active dialogue regarding customer service, rather than a place to simply give feedback, while 62 percent of those surveyed use social media to interact with retailers, and 76 percent expect the retailer to respond the same day on social media.

The report also showed a growing demand for in-store pickup for online orders, with 54 percent opting for in-store pickup on at least a quarter of their online purchases. Additionally, 37 percent of shoppers expect their pickup orders to be ready the same day as the purchase.

Retailers who can balance data protection with limited fraud alerts will likely see more repeat customers, with 33 percent of shoppers “extremely concerned” about having their credit card information stolen, and 24 percent reporting a purchase being incorrectly identified as fraud. Similarly, 62 percent said they would shop elsewhere if a purchase was incorrectly flagged as fraudulent.

CFI group is a founding member of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, and Radial helps online retailers manage operations and meet customer expectations.

A full copy of the report can be read here.

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