Report: Job Postings Outnumber Workforce in Southeast Michigan


The labor force has not increased enough in Michigan to keep up with an increase in job postings, according to the Workforce Intelligence Network of Southeast Michigan’s most recent labor market report.

In the 16-county Michigan region, the third-quarter report found that the number of job postings increased 1.5 percent to 326,000 between the second and third quarters of 2018. However, the labor force saw only a 0.1 percent increase of individuals during the same time.

“Employer demand and the size of the labor force have been on the rise since the beginning of 2018,” says Michelle Wein, senior research manager at WIN. “However, the growth in employer demand has far exceeded that of the labor force in each quarter, meaning employers are likely experiencing hiring challenges.”

Technical skills, desired education and experience, and salary ranges varied among the 11 occupation groups analyzed for the region, but nearly every occupation indicated that the ability to communicate and write were among the top in-demand employability skills.

About a quarter of the job postings requiring a minimum education level specified the need for a bachelor’s degree, and about 20 percent were seeking applicants with a high school diploma or higher.

“Efforts to train new and incumbent workers with in-demand skill sets and educate job seekers about in-demand opportunities remain top priorities in the region,” says Michele Economou Ureste, executive director of WIN. “It is a primary objective of WIN’s college and workforce agency partners to ensure the workforce receives training and education for in-demand job skills, including soft skills.”

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers were the most in-demand jobs in the region, with 32,262 job postings. Following included 9,742 job postings for registered nurses; 9,494 for first-line supervisors of retail sales workers; 9,134 for retail salespeople; and 6,880 for light truck or delivery service drivers.

Engineering and design, along with information technology, made up the highest salaried occupation groups, with industrial engineer and software developer postings offering top salaries of $92,000 per year.

The full report and more information are available here.

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