Report: Bamboo Detroit’s Co-Working Community Generates $74M in Revenue Annually


Co-working space Bamboo Detroit has released a report regarding shared office and workspace trends, based on a survey of approximately 100 of its 250 members.

To date, the report indicates Bamboo members have generated a combined revenue of $74 million annually. Specifically, the survey’s findings indicate that 51 percent of respondents considered themselves women-owned businesses, and that 28 percent reported making between $500,000-$2 million or more in revenue annually.

Bamboo’s companies also hire an average of four new employees per year, while 75 percent of the respondents cited a preference for hiring local talent or partnering with locally owned businesses. Additionally, 80 percent reported hiring, partnering, or referring business to a fellow Bamboo member.

Bamboo’s member companies serve the professional services, marketing and communications, technology and information technology, design and arts, real estate, food, retail and e-commerce, and education industries.  More than 75 percent of respondents reported using Bamboo as their primary office, while 25 percent use it as a satellite office.

Additionally, 60 percent of members are early state companies, combined with 40 percent classified as growing for more than three years.

“As co-working and shared offices grow, reflecting new work styles and economies, we created this report to better understand the economic impact,” the report says.

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